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Good place to go to meet a community of GM FWD 3800 enthusiasts


This isn't really a business.  Just a hobby.  The Zilla Motorsports name started as a friendly joke between friends when I laser engraved the name on a couple ported throttle bodies.  But the car is real.  The work I've done was proven on the Zilla.

It started slowly.  Just like with most people.  Just a little more power here and there over time.  But in my case, it progressed much farther.  I started looking more closely at some of the OEM parts that could be improved from the factory.  I found a few.  And through trial and error, I've found more power by improving these parts.  In fact, the custom work has enabled my other 'bolt-on's to deliver more power as well.  In the end, I have a car that won't hold traction very well.  Not bad for an old V6 in an old relatively heavy 4-door sedan.

My Supercharged 95 SLE is my daily driver.  My 93 SSEi is my toy.  Most of my performance work has been tried and tested on the SSEi (Zilla), and since proven on other cars as well.  Not just Series 1, but Series 2.  Ported and Polished Superchargers, Manifolds, and Throttle Bodies have been tested and proven on a handful of other cars, including both the Series 1 and Series 2 L67, the L36, and the L27.  Some gain more than others, but all have responded well to a little attention between the gaskets.  I have ported DOZENS of superchargers, manifolds, and throttle bodies with excellent results on every car they went to.

The end goal is to show people that buying performance parts is fine, but at some point you have to ask yourself if the parts in between the air filter and the muffler are all they can be or not.  When you change rockers or a cam, how is the flow through all the other parts that remain the same.

Just make sure before you start modifying stock parts that you've researched carefully and have some experience already.  There was alot of trial and error in my efforts, and I learned every step of the way.  I've also seen some cars get butchered over the last couple years.  My best advice is to research, ask questions, research, ask questions, then get some extra parts from a wrecking yard instead of butchering the parts on your own car.

The links to the left may be of interest to you if you're interested in trying to squeak more power out of a Buick 3800 motor of any generation.  The logos below are a representation of the vendors and manufacturers that have been used in my pursuit of horsepower and torque.


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